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Every so often someone will decide to use my work email as a throwaway email address for registering on varioys sites. I’m not sure why they pick mine, but it pisses me off, and as soon as I see registration confirmation emails I log in and delete their accounts because seriously, if you are too lazy to make a throwaway email address and instead choose to inundate me with spam you deserve no respect.

But before I deleted this particular account, I had to take a screenshot, because oh my god everything here is just a perfect storm of amazing comedy

Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Tero

do you think they totally made out after this was taken

Most of my EVO 2014 photos didn’t turn out well. Crowd photography is hard.

But I like this one - the spectators stand united in celebrating the return of Marvel King JWong, united under the meaningful colors of the Mango Sentinel. Brings a tear to your eye.

I am so bad at Tumblr

and that makes me sad because I don’t use Facebook and some people I really love and don’t talk to enough anymore aren’t on twitter, only here

It’s just so much of a pain and an eyesore to try to have conversations on here, with lack of a real comment system, awful private message system, and every response to a post involving a lengthy reblog that EVERYONE following you has to see.

How do I get over it and join the cool kids again :<

This is an anecdote I had in the first draft of my Atlantic article, but ultimately took out. I still think it’s a fun story, so I’m posting it here.

I first attended the Electronic Entertainment Expo - better known as E3, the premier game industry trade show - in 2001, as Sega was making its transition from console manufacturer to third party. My first encounter with Yuji Naka was there, outside of the Los Angeles Westin Grand. I recognized him immediately and was star-struck: my idols have never been actors or singers, but middle-aged Japanese game developers, and Naka was very high on the list. I was visibly nervous as I approached him for a photo, but he seemed willing to humor me. My first ever brush with gaming celebrity! A pivotal life moment!

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My first article for The Atlantic! I’ve gone mainstream :O


Sat down to write down some thinkin’ about the business of writing words about video games and kept getting lost.

My mentor in college — an Asian American Studies professor who is about as hippy-dippy as they come — told me something that stuck:

"First you secure funding, then you do the work."


jakeenglishstaringatmannipples asked:

I think I'll be brave and come off anon for this. I've been poking around feminist (or, more accurately, anti-feminist) stuff on YouTube and stumbled across a video called "Rape Culture Explained in Puzzle Pieces" (or something to that effect) laying forth that the "one in four" statistic was purposefully put forth via manipulating statistics and ignoring male victims. Thoughts on this and other, genuine issues that MRAs will (sometimes, once in a blue moon) bring up?


There was a really good post about this recently, lemme see if I can find it… wait, here it is:


Men’s issues:

  • Societal expectations of masculinity
  • Societal expectations to provide for women
  • No long term reversible male birth control
  • Men who are raped are more likely to remain silent and be dismissed or outright laughed at 
  • Unfair treatment in child custody battles
  • No support for male victims of domestic abuse
  • Media portrayal of married men as weak morons

Not men’s issues

  • The friend zone
  • Women not dating you
  • "Fucking femnazis"

This is a pretty good summation of it, but it’s missing some crucial info.

Here’s when to not bring any of this shit up:

  • when you’re reading an article about women’s issues or an article about violence toward women or systemic sexism and discrimination that women face
  • as though it’s a counterpoint to “this woman was raped” or any situation where a woman has been abused/mistreated/discriminated against
  • really any time when the subject is explicitly not “the problems men face in modern society”

Unfortunately, here is where this stuff most frequently comes up:

  • literally every single time there’s an article or a blog post or a youtube video or any content whatsoever that deals with anything related to social and societal issues involving women

Incidentally most of the rhetoric you see commonly spouted by the most vociferous MRA types in every corner of discourse they can infect involve the stuff listed under Not men’s issuesthere, which is why rational people get really fed up with the entitled manbaby whining aspect of it all.

I think I started failing at this tumblr thing again


Sub-culture magazine “Out” special “pirate edition” issue from October 1978 

The anime magazine “Out”, published by Minori Shoubou until the first half of the 1990s, was originally founded as a sub-culture magazine with a bit of eroticness to it, but around the end of the 1970s when it just…