Got back from NCR late Sunday, after a good long solo drive thinkin’ session. NCR was great; met a lot of cool people and had a good time playing some Street Fighter, which is something I actually haven’t done at a tournament in a while. And all that Street Fighter-playing got me thinking about a…

One astute observation Pat makes here is that when you couldn’t play the game you came for, you went and played something else until you could. I did this a lot in Nagoya between VF4Evo sessions, which is where I developed a taste for shooters I didn’t have before and found a whole lotta great retro-action games I hadn’t seen before in the meantime. In my case, it gave me a wider breadth of appreciation for genres I’d only dabbled in before.

(But maybe I should’ve played more CvS2.)


Vigilante (Irem, Arcade, 1988) - Stage 1

Just what is the mysterious MARIA sign/billboard advertising here? We may never know.




please take a moment to learn that there is a cult in Russia that worships Gadget Hackwrench as a Goddess…

these people are real and they have a livejournal

this is so fucking funny to me omg

Soraya Saga is best known for her heavy involvement in Xenogears and Xenosaga (and a whole mess of oldschool Square games), but it turns out she’s a Jojo fan as well. She’s actually done a 106-page alternate universe-ish Steel Ball Run doujin and posted it on her pixiv - in both Japanese AND English. Seriously awesome stuff, and, well… proof that pros do fanfic for fun too.

Follow her tumblr at sorayatokyo.

You may not have heard about this if you don’t live in CA or don’t actively follow game legislation news, but famous “Think of the CHIIIIILDRENNNN” game demonizer Leland Yee was arrested in a massive sting yesterday, and holy shit are the charges a doozy. I waited to post this until I felt there was a good tl;dr version of the accusations because jeez that 130-page deposition is tough to get through at times.

Remember: this man was drafting laws to classify M-rated games like pornography. And it turns out he was brokering international arms deals involving terrorist groups.

Seriously, holy shit.

"How many lives have you taken?"
"Do you keep count of how many Big Macs you’ve eaten in your life?"

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That feeling when you see something hilarious and NSFW but you know your tumblr and twitter are directly linked to your work

…and you’ve just applied for new jobs


K.K. Good Day (KK Slider vs Ice Cube) (by BotanicSage [BS])

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