Yuusha Mushoku

by circle: Harada-ya

Takehito Harada is a character designer whose style is almost iconic - his character art and coloring style is very distinguishable as his and his alone. Besides providing a bevy of illustrations for NIS’s products - including his extremely well-known Disgaea characters - he does a lot of various freelance, one-shot designs and interpretations for assorted characters and properties, some of which have even been adapted into figures. He does a lot of his own stuff, too: His most famous character is undoubtedly Pleinair (who also cameos in almost every NIS game he’s involved with), but a few years back he began this doujin series. Five short books in the Yuusha Mushoku series have been released so far, and they all focus on the characters and world setting of this odd little fantasy universe he’s dreamed up. The books follow a party of four female adventurers: Charm, Mona, Mail, and Mahito in their adventures through a classic fantasy RPG world. I only have 3 of the 5 volumes, so I can’t provide a comprehensive overview of the series just yet - but I can say that the subject matter and presentation style of each book varies wildly. Some of the books feature humorous manga short stories and 4-koma vignettes, some feature longer comic episodes, while others are primarily illustration and world design collections. It’s all very light-hearted and drawn with that unmistakable Harada charm. It’s clear that he’s got a lot of fun adventures in mind for this party, and I’ll be looking forward to him continuing to produce them in the future.

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