Probably recorded just before he won Kakutou Shinseiki 6, too. He’s back on top of the VF world!

Flyer for the ridiculously violent Wild Fang (Tecmo, 1989), from a discussion on Twitter.

I think my favorite thing about this is Bulldogman’s pathetic expression. His head just got severed, but he’s not eyes-wide in fear or frothing in pre-decaptation rage. He’s just sadly accepted his fate as a videogame lackey destined for the pixel corpse pile. It’s rather moving, really.

Hey guys, some of my match videos from the first-ever NA VF5FS tourney are up at the iplaywinner youtube channel! Check them out! I know we all kinda suck compared to the JP guys but still :>

This is pretty fantastic, even if you can’t read the Japanese text: a look at the graphic technology behind Street Fighter IV. Lots of cool stuff here, including a wealth of never-before-seen prototype imagery. Check it out!

In this video: a man who fucking loves this game, like, A LOT

First trailer for P4U. HOTNESS AHEAD

Footage from the end battle in the special Knockout Trial single player mode in arcade VF5FS. Knockout Trial, or something similar, will almost certainly be in the the upcoming 360/PS3 versions of the game, so SPOILERS I guess!

Actually, I made a mistake, I do have something cool to report! My company profile of Cave is appearing in the newest issue of Australia’s Hyper magazine. This is my first piece for them, and I gotta say, it looks awesome. Hopefully I’ll get to work with them again in the future, this article was a lot of fun. I’m not sure where you can get Hyper in North America, though… hmm. :\